The Law Offices of Maloney, Danyi & O’Donnell is a general practice law firm in the Lehigh Valley, practicing in Pennsylvania.  Our office proudly serves a wide array of clients on personal and business matter, including:

Business, Corporate, and Financial

including, for instance, business formation and governance; drafting operational documents; drafting contracts and agreements; commercial litigation; employment practices financing; mergers and acquisitions; drafting of leases and real estate related documentation; and related matters.

Civil and Commercial Litigation

including, for instance, representation of individuals or businesses in a wide array of civil (non-criminal) matters, including litigation at trial, appeals, and related matters.

Contractual Matters

including, for instance, drafting of personal or business contracts/agreements; review and advice regarding personal or business contracts/agreements; and related matters.

Criminal Defense

including, for instance, representation of individuals in summary and misdemeanor criminal matters (such as D.U.I./D.W.I., traffic offenses, and related matters.); pursuit of Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD); and related matters.

Employment Practices

including, for instance, representing employees and employers in matters of workplace injury and worker’s compensation claims; unemployment compensation claims; wages and benefits; discrimination; wrongful termination; harassment; restrictive covenants (including, for instance, non-competition agreements); and related matters.

Estate Administration and Probate

including, for instance, probating of estates, preparation of inheritance tax returns; advising and representation of executors and personal representatives; advising and representation of beneficiaries; pursuit of creditors claims; will contests; and related matters.

Estate and Trust Planning

including, for instance, drafting and updating of estate planning documents; including but not limited to drafting of wills, trusts, powers of attorney; health care declarations (i.e. living wills); and related matters.

Personal Injury and Property Damage

including, for instance, automobile matters; defective products; products liability; trip/slip and falls; breaches of warranty; dangerous conditions; and related matters.

Real Estate Transactions and Use

including, for instance, assisting buyers or sellers with residential or commercial land sales; representation of buyers or sellers at residential or commercial real estate closings; obtaining title insurance; review of loan and mortgage documentation; refinancing issues; land use issues; zoning issues; municipal issues; building and construction issues; tax assessment appeals; landlord-tenant issues; boundary disputes; planning and development issues; and related matters.

Title Insurance

We act as an agent for Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company which can provide title insurance at the mandatory rates set by the Title Insurance Rating Bureau of Pennsylvania.

Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

representation of individuals seeking benefits; appeals of denials of benefits; and related matters.