Guiding our Clients through real estate transactions:

We have the experience to provide you with representation and sound advice in all aspects of a Pennsylvania residential or commercial real estate sales, purchases, or refinancing, from start to finish.

Among other related services, we assist you from the outset with the home buying or selling process by explain, negotiate, or draft a real estate sales agreement.  We draft and record deeds and prepare all of the closing paperwork necessary to accomplish the transaction in a prompt manner. We attend and represent you at the closing, explaining all of the documentation related to the sale or refinancing and guide you through any last-minute issues that sometimes arise at closing.


Providing Title Insurance Services:

Our office is an approved agent for Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company, which provides title insurance to buyers at rates set by the Title Insurance Rating Bureau of Pennsylvania.

While your lending bank might recommend a title insurance company, it may not require that you use the bank’s affiliated title insurance company.  The benefit of using our firm for real estate transactions , is that we utilize attorneys to do the title abstract.  Therefore, we contribute a wealth of legal experience toward identifying any potential legal issues that may jeopardize your transaction.  The title insurance rates are identical to those provided by any other Pennsylvania title insurance provider, yet you are provided peace of mind knowing a legal professional is involved to protect you and your interests.